Wooden Furniture- Types And Advantages

Are you setting up your new house? Are you planning to buy some new furniture to add some beauty to your space? Well, there can be nothing as good as wooden furniture. Whether it is a sofa set or a coffee table or a bed, no other material like plastic, glass or aluminum can compete with the one made up of wood.Wooden furniture has been there since ages but still it has not lost its charm at all.

Types Of Wood Used For Furniture

There are various types of wood that are used for manufacturing furniture. These are mango wood, acacia wood, oak wood, walnut wood, ash wood and rose wood.


• Mango wood is basically the wood of mango tree. It is popular due to its properties like sustainability. Its growth rate is absolutely incredible and thus can be replaced very quickly. Its properties are a lot like Teak wood, so nowadays manufacturers prefer mango wood instead of using those dying breeds of wood. When the tree reaches an age where it can no more bear fruit, it is transformed into some beautiful furniture.

• Acacia wood has gained popularity because of its durability and long lasting properties. It hardly requires any maintenance and absolutely water proof. This type of wood is absolutely deep and rich in color. Acacia can be easily replanted since it has a very fast growth.

• Oak is the most often chosen wood by the furniture manufacturers mostly in Europe. It is a local species in Europe which is why these are widely used throughout the continent. These are very durable and strong.

• Walnut wood are of mainly two types; The American Walnut and the European Walnut.

The American walnut is a dark color whereas European walnut is lighter in color. Stem bending can be done easily on this type of woods which can help in creating modern and dynamic designs.

• Ash wood comes in creamy light color which is a clean cut wood in appearance.

• Rosewood is naturally fragrant and richly hued wood which are usually found in South Asia. These are perfect for crafting decorative furniture.

Benefits Of Wooden Furniture In fact, there are lot of plus points if you buy such furniture. Some are mentioned below:

• You cannot deny the fact that wooden furniture is an absolute visual treat. No matter what is your style when it comes to decorating your house, wooden furniture can look great in all kinds of set up.

In fact, it adds personality and character to a room. You will come across varieties of timber and each has a unique appearance and style.

Say for instance, walnut wood comes in dark brown color which looks absolutely gorgeous and can make your room look very luxurious. Similarly, oak is a versatile wood perfect for furniture and it comes in light colors.


• Wooden furniture can be easily maintained.If you can look after the furniture then it will last for a lifetime.You can simply use a soft, dry cloth or feather duster for cleaning purpose. This is enough for removing dust effectively.If you want to make your furniture glow then add some beeswax polish to the cloth for cleaning.

• Wooden furniture can last for a really long time. We all know that wood has natural strength and it’s this quality can be very advantageous for using them as a component for manufacturing furniture.We usually use most of the furniture almost on regular basis, thus, wooden furniture can tolerate the wear and tear that can be caused for frequent usage. In fact, it keeps looking better with age.

• You might initially feel that wooden furniture is way more expensive than others but the fact is its extreme durability feature can make it last for generations. Thus, it is absolutely worth investing on such furniture.After all you will not require replacing them in future. So, why not to spend some extra bucks now.

• Another point is that wooden furniture is very environment friendly in the times of climate change and global warming, in comparison to materials like plastic which are extremely harmful to the environment. Nowadays, manufacturers of wooden furniture are also adapting improved and reliable technologies with the purpose of minimizing wastage.